Saturday, October 5, 2013

The Eternal and The Now

I always tell people how they are currently being helped by loved ones in Spirit. But how? How can a spirit help me in the physical world?

One big belief people refuse to understand is that you will not see them helping you. Spirit doesn't care if you see them or not, they still help. For example, lets say you are driving to work. You come to a stop. The light turns green, your staring right at it and you don't go. It takes a minute before someone honks you awake, then you snap out of your trance and go. What just happened. Maybe it was spirit delaying you. You now have lost enough time to just miss an accident, get to work in time to miss that annoying coworker, or now you have wasted enough time to end up at a long red light which enables you to see a truck drive by with your dead mothers name on it. We don't "see" the ways spirit looks after us.

Its usually only the big things we notice. Then it is so unusual that we often times deny that it could have been anything but a weird coincidence. How many times have you went out to your car realizing you forgot something and went back in the house to get in. And in that exact moment received a phone call you had been waiting for or a call from a friend who needed your help. "Wow, perfect timing!" we think.

I don't believe that Spirit can stop certain things from happening, but they can make you aware that something disruptive is going to take place. Why would they do this? So that you handle it better. Imagine if you knew when you came into work that one of your coworkers would be upset and argumentative one day. You could walk in, expecting the disruption and not be phased by it. Yes, it is upsetting but having things announced to you will keep you calm.

How do we realize these things? What is the tell tale sign? If you ask Spirit for warning and pay close attention, you will see it. Get up in the morning. Coffee spills everywhere. You knock your elbow into the wall. You stub your toe. Be warned. Put away your thinking of "how they do it" and just accept that you are being warned.

For me, the explanation is simple. Its not foretelling the future but biblically speaking "If you see dark clouds in the sky do you not know that rain is on its way?" Jesus foretold events and explained them this way. Its just the universe warning you.

Phrases such as "I should have known this was gonna happen" or "Yep, its just one of those days" should prove that you sense things happening already. I don't believe its so much as a prediction of the future as much as a spirit preparing you for whats up ahead. And who doesn't need that help!

So pay attention to the things that happen to you throughout the day. It could be that someone is trying to tell you something!