Saturday, October 5, 2013

The Eternal and The Now

I always tell people how they are currently being helped by loved ones in Spirit. But how? How can a spirit help me in the physical world?

One big belief people refuse to understand is that you will not see them helping you. Spirit doesn't care if you see them or not, they still help. For example, lets say you are driving to work. You come to a stop. The light turns green, your staring right at it and you don't go. It takes a minute before someone honks you awake, then you snap out of your trance and go. What just happened. Maybe it was spirit delaying you. You now have lost enough time to just miss an accident, get to work in time to miss that annoying coworker, or now you have wasted enough time to end up at a long red light which enables you to see a truck drive by with your dead mothers name on it. We don't "see" the ways spirit looks after us.

Its usually only the big things we notice. Then it is so unusual that we often times deny that it could have been anything but a weird coincidence. How many times have you went out to your car realizing you forgot something and went back in the house to get in. And in that exact moment received a phone call you had been waiting for or a call from a friend who needed your help. "Wow, perfect timing!" we think.

I don't believe that Spirit can stop certain things from happening, but they can make you aware that something disruptive is going to take place. Why would they do this? So that you handle it better. Imagine if you knew when you came into work that one of your coworkers would be upset and argumentative one day. You could walk in, expecting the disruption and not be phased by it. Yes, it is upsetting but having things announced to you will keep you calm.

How do we realize these things? What is the tell tale sign? If you ask Spirit for warning and pay close attention, you will see it. Get up in the morning. Coffee spills everywhere. You knock your elbow into the wall. You stub your toe. Be warned. Put away your thinking of "how they do it" and just accept that you are being warned.

For me, the explanation is simple. Its not foretelling the future but biblically speaking "If you see dark clouds in the sky do you not know that rain is on its way?" Jesus foretold events and explained them this way. Its just the universe warning you.

Phrases such as "I should have known this was gonna happen" or "Yep, its just one of those days" should prove that you sense things happening already. I don't believe its so much as a prediction of the future as much as a spirit preparing you for whats up ahead. And who doesn't need that help!

So pay attention to the things that happen to you throughout the day. It could be that someone is trying to tell you something!

Monday, September 30, 2013

Tragic Deaths, Lost Souls

Don't believe everything people tell you. I actually don't know who started this one but I hear it a lot on those ghost hunting shows. Apparently, there's a belief that if someone dies tragically, their soul is forever trapped in the place the death took place.

I see this a lot with ghost hunters. They find some place where mass deaths have occurred or a famous slaying of some sort and with perfect authority in their voices claim because the person died tragically or suddenly, their spirit still lingers. Lets think about this a minute. If they are stuck there, then why do so many ghost hunters or fans of ghost hunters believe that this "trapped" spirit has followed them home? Did the spirit get a day pass? And does this apply to all tragedies or just ones that they believe should trap spirits?

In my readings, I communicate with spirits who have lost their lives in car accidents, medical accidents, shootings, slayings, and suicides. None of them have ever said they were trapped. As a matter of fact, most of the time the spirit of a tragedy will convey that they are okay, and that they don't want to be remembered for how they died because the love they felt when crossing over has overshadowed any feelings they had during their death. Let's take Jesus for example. He died a humiliating, painful, tragic death. Or at least that's what it looked like. Does that mean that his spirit is forever trapped where the crucifixion took place? Nooooo, he appeared in many other places after that. Not to mention we are supposed to believe he is with us whenever we call him.

Could it be that Jesus was just showing us how we die? At any rate, I'm wondering who decides which spirit gets trapped in tragedies and which ones don't.

In my experience I do believe that souls get "trapped". But not spirits who have died in tragedies. For a while I was visited by the spirit of a Klansman. He seemed to be trapped disguising himself as a victim of one of his lynchings, and begging for help. (Which also leaves me to question those ghostbusters about victims of lynchings, are they trapped?) It took me a while to realize this spirit was lying to me. He needed help because he was stuck. But he knew he would get no sympathy from me if he showed himself as who he was. I believe unless you know how to identify the true "spirit" of a spirit, you can definitely be lied to and end up believing what people tell you.

But let me get back to my point, think for yourself. If there is justice in the Eternal Life, wouldn't it be a great injustice to keep someone in their misery after suffering needlessly in this life?

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Suicide and Eternal Love

I feel a strong need to talk about suicide. There is a belief out there that when people commit suicide, their soul is burning for all of eternity. I believe this has origins from Catholicism. Somehow, it was looked at as committing murder against yourself.

Does that mean if you knowingly approach someone who has threatened to murder you, and they do murder you, have you committed murder against yourself? No one told Jesus about that one. What about if you are suffering physically or mentally and you pray for death to come and wrap you in its arms? Sin is just the same whether you think it in your heart or act on it, right?

I have done readings in which I have brought forth communications with spirits who committed suicide in this life. No one ever mentioned the eternal fires of hell.

I cannot believe a loving God full of compassion and love would see someone suffering and in pain and not welcome them with the unconditional love they may not have understood in their life.

Gods love is unchangeable. It is always there. God doesn't lose sight of us, we lose sight of God.

Each suicide is greeted with an unbelievable amount of love and comfort. After receiving this comfort, they then are made aware of all they left behind. The soul will see the anguish, grief and pain they caused those they left behind. They are able to see this because the love they received crossing over has given them a clear sight, it has mad them whole. They can now experience their own judgement with a clear sight. They see the sadness of the children they left behind, they see the Christmases not celebrated by their families anymore, they see the heartbreak they have left spouses with. They are able to feel the anguish they have caused knowing they cannot undo it. And I believe this is their hell. The afterlife is a beautiful loving place and they are there feeling the guilt of what they have done.

So no, I do not believe they are condemned to a Catholic version of hell. I believe they are held in judgement by their own conscience.

How does a spirit heal from this? I believe they experience all the pain with those left behind. They are with the loved ones as they grieve. When a spouse left behind is crying and screaming "Why did you do this to me?" The spirit is there experiencing that with them. Healing comes when those left behind heal. The spirit wants to help those left behind find happiness again. That spirit will be there for those joys; the children marrying, the parents laughing again, maybe a spouse remarrying. Anything that makes those left behind to feel truly loved and peaceful. The spirit feels the joy and love along with them. And it is the love that heals them.

We are all healed by love.

So remember to send your love to all those who have crossed over into Spirit. They can still feel it.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

I Should Have Been There

Death has its appointments set. You may not be ready, you may have wanted more notice, but death is one of those appointments that will always happen no matter what.
I often hear people explain that when a loved one was ill, they stayed at their bedside as not to ever leave them alone. They wanted to be sure they were there in case the person passed. Somehow, they had to leave the room, only for a short while, and the person died.

"I was there all the time! I never left and when I had to, just once, they died!"

The feeling left is of guilt. Guilt, that they were not there for them. Guilt, that the person may have felt alone and that's why they died. Guilt, because they were going to tell them they loved them one last time, but felt it wasn't the right time.

As a medium I need to address this. That persons soul could not have passed into the eternal while you were there. So many times, a spirit will tell me, "I could not have passed while they were there. I was hanging on for them." You see, the sick person does not have to be awake or coherent to feel your love for them. Its their soul that knows. We understand with our soul. They may not want to leave you with the memory of seeing them physically die. They may not be able to pass on with your energy in the room. Their energy has already dwindled because of the illness. They may be absorbing your energy to live longer while you are close.

The most important thing in this situation that I hear from a spirit is that they were not alone when they died. Loved ones on the other side came to get them. They were met with love and warmth and light. And that they do not want those left behind to feel guilty about their passing.

They were not afraid. They were loved.