Tuesday, September 17, 2013

I Should Have Been There

Death has its appointments set. You may not be ready, you may have wanted more notice, but death is one of those appointments that will always happen no matter what.
I often hear people explain that when a loved one was ill, they stayed at their bedside as not to ever leave them alone. They wanted to be sure they were there in case the person passed. Somehow, they had to leave the room, only for a short while, and the person died.

"I was there all the time! I never left and when I had to, just once, they died!"

The feeling left is of guilt. Guilt, that they were not there for them. Guilt, that the person may have felt alone and that's why they died. Guilt, because they were going to tell them they loved them one last time, but felt it wasn't the right time.

As a medium I need to address this. That persons soul could not have passed into the eternal while you were there. So many times, a spirit will tell me, "I could not have passed while they were there. I was hanging on for them." You see, the sick person does not have to be awake or coherent to feel your love for them. Its their soul that knows. We understand with our soul. They may not want to leave you with the memory of seeing them physically die. They may not be able to pass on with your energy in the room. Their energy has already dwindled because of the illness. They may be absorbing your energy to live longer while you are close.

The most important thing in this situation that I hear from a spirit is that they were not alone when they died. Loved ones on the other side came to get them. They were met with love and warmth and light. And that they do not want those left behind to feel guilty about their passing.

They were not afraid. They were loved.

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