Monday, September 30, 2013

Tragic Deaths, Lost Souls

Don't believe everything people tell you. I actually don't know who started this one but I hear it a lot on those ghost hunting shows. Apparently, there's a belief that if someone dies tragically, their soul is forever trapped in the place the death took place.

I see this a lot with ghost hunters. They find some place where mass deaths have occurred or a famous slaying of some sort and with perfect authority in their voices claim because the person died tragically or suddenly, their spirit still lingers. Lets think about this a minute. If they are stuck there, then why do so many ghost hunters or fans of ghost hunters believe that this "trapped" spirit has followed them home? Did the spirit get a day pass? And does this apply to all tragedies or just ones that they believe should trap spirits?

In my readings, I communicate with spirits who have lost their lives in car accidents, medical accidents, shootings, slayings, and suicides. None of them have ever said they were trapped. As a matter of fact, most of the time the spirit of a tragedy will convey that they are okay, and that they don't want to be remembered for how they died because the love they felt when crossing over has overshadowed any feelings they had during their death. Let's take Jesus for example. He died a humiliating, painful, tragic death. Or at least that's what it looked like. Does that mean that his spirit is forever trapped where the crucifixion took place? Nooooo, he appeared in many other places after that. Not to mention we are supposed to believe he is with us whenever we call him.

Could it be that Jesus was just showing us how we die? At any rate, I'm wondering who decides which spirit gets trapped in tragedies and which ones don't.

In my experience I do believe that souls get "trapped". But not spirits who have died in tragedies. For a while I was visited by the spirit of a Klansman. He seemed to be trapped disguising himself as a victim of one of his lynchings, and begging for help. (Which also leaves me to question those ghostbusters about victims of lynchings, are they trapped?) It took me a while to realize this spirit was lying to me. He needed help because he was stuck. But he knew he would get no sympathy from me if he showed himself as who he was. I believe unless you know how to identify the true "spirit" of a spirit, you can definitely be lied to and end up believing what people tell you.

But let me get back to my point, think for yourself. If there is justice in the Eternal Life, wouldn't it be a great injustice to keep someone in their misery after suffering needlessly in this life?

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